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  (Granite Plus)

Welcome To Our Design Center,

At Friend Lumber Company, our Design Centers are filled with designers who are well versed in granite, quartz, soapstone, wood counters, and many more.  If you need assistance in deciding the type of surface best for your kitchen then let our team of experts walk you through our showroom and answer all your questions.  We are partnered with quality counter top vendors who hold our values in quality products, installation, and customer service.  Overall, we offer great service with high quality products and great pricing.

Having trouble Deciding between Quartz or Granite?


  1. StoneOne-Logo_No_Tag_fullAn Engineered material that allows for control in creating the pattern of the top.
  2. As strong as granite but has more flexibility making installation easier.
  3. Sealed for a lifetime.
  4. Depending on the pattern or color hiding the seam will be easier than other patterns.
  5. Nearly indestructible but if put under heavy abuse then breaks and chips can occur.


  1. A Completely natural materialtop-line-granite-design-logo
  2. 2.The patterning of granite is not uniform so it is vital to see a slab to ensure that you have picked the right granite for your kitchen.
  3. Granite has to be sealed and then resealed yearly to ensure the surface is properly stain resistant.
  4. Granite is durable but if put under heavy abuse then breaks and chips can occur.
  5. Seams will show in granite.

Both types of surfaces can last you a life time as long as they are properly cared for.


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